Each of us encounters tens, if not hundreds, of texts a day – some of which we read in-depth and affect us and change the way we experience the world, but many of them are abandoned halfway or forgotten altogether. Every writer aspires to write readable and successful texts that many readers will want to read and enjoy very much – and one of the best tools in our writing arsenal is the article structure. This is one of the secrets to success in writing a good article

By using an efficient structure and a few simple rules, each writer can improve the quality of the texts he publishes and ensures that more eyes will see them. Here are all the things you, as writers, need to know about article structure.

What is the article goal?

If you want to know how to write a good article about something, you first need to know what do you want people to do after they read it. Maybe you want them to download your Ebook, subscribe to your newsletter, or perhaps you just want to give some helpful information. For example, this article goal is to provide each one of you the tools for writing a good article.

Every article should revolve around the answer to this question – the central statement of the article, the body of knowledge it is trying to convey, its opening and conclusion should all relate to that central statement and make sure it is passed on to readers. A wise choice of structure and adherence to rules allows this knowledge to flow smoothly.

Good article structure

Right after deciding what the main argument of the text will be.  A good article should include a beginning, proof of claims stage, a stage of detail and learning, and a summary stage – in this order. Each part should be separate from the others and delineated in sub-headings that separate it conceptually and visually from the rest of the article.

The opening and the summary part needs to be clear and precise. But the stage of proving the argument and the stage of detail can include many separate chapters.

The Title of a Good article

You start from the end to the beginning. The title should always be written after you have finished writing the entire text. That what you will be able to create a good title that reflects the information and claims presented in it. A good article title should always arouse curiosity.

The article opening

Every good article begins with an introduction to the reader and an explanation of the article topic.

The opening part of a good article is the “Call to action.” That part needs to convince the reader to read the entire article and not to quit it.

A good article opening begins with a demonstration of the need for which the text answers. We need to describe our problem to the reader and say how we can help him. That way he will want to read more and learn more.

Proof of claims

After the opening and presentation of the claim, the stage of attraction and call to action is done. The evidence of claims part is the central part of a good article, in which you present sub-arguments and detailed explanations. In principle, each argument should support the main argument or another sub-argument that leads to it. Many writers tend to disperse and add unnecessary information for various reasons – avoid it! It is crucial not to add unnecessary information to the text; Unnecessary information distracts the reader and especially does not support the central claim of the text.

When you prove the claims, make sure that the entire chain of proof exists, and that all the necessary information is in the article. Do not assume that the reader knew something, and do not skip over necessary steps to prove. It is very important that the proof will anchor the main argument of the text in reality and allow readers to accept it.

Details and study

After proving our claims, sometimes there will be another stage – the educational stage. In many cases, once you convince the readers of the importance of the argument, you will want to teach readers how to do things related to it. If we assured our reader that they should use Twitter and not Facebook, so we could give other information that is not related to our main claim. You could share some of your experience and give your opinion, based on what you explain to your readers.

The summary

How to write a good article summary. We all want to know how to write good articles because we all want people to read us. So after people take time to read all you had to say, know you have to make a summary of everything.

You have to go back to the main part of your article and talk about it in a few sentences.

If you want to create a good article, you better use a structure. It is important to pay intention to open and explain what the article about is. Then to proof, your claims with examples. If you can, add some details about. And at the end of the day, make a nice summary of everything so it will be as clear as possible.

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